We Enjoy Running with the Vitality of Youth

On October 18, 2021, under the leadership of the company and upholding the spirit of collectivism aiming at winning glory for the company, as well as maintaining the mentality of active participation, athletes of Chiwan Sembawang Company participated in the third "Dream Cup" Employee Mini-marathon organized by China Nanshan Group.

After a tight race, all the athletes lived up to expectations, achieved excellent results and respectively winning the most-coveted first place award in team competition. Men’s group secured all the top three placements, while the women’s group won second and third runners-up, fully embodying the vibrant and indomitable team spirit of “never say die”.


Group Photo of the Leaders with All the Participating Athletes


Group Photo of Winners

In order to improve team solidarity and overall capability of the company, and to enrich employees’ recreational life after office, as well as maintaining a positive mental outlook of the team and caring about the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, the company has organized a small running interest group, which conducts regular activities such as weekly and monthly runs.


The First Group Photo of the Company's Monthly Running Race


Running is A Positive Attitude Towards Life


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