Brief News of the 13th Badminton Mixed Team Competition

On December 18, 2021, CSE’s 13th Badminton Mixed Team Competition was held as scheduled in the badminton hall at Menam River Sports Town. Chairperson of the company, senior leaders, and project owners were invited to attend the opening ceremony,and deliver a speech, and officially kick-off the team badminton competition.

The entire game proceeded in an exciting and intense atmosphere where the players of all departments demonstrated their outstanding personal quality and team chemistry, fully embracing the sportsmanship spirit of "friendship first, competition second". The match was a display of style and quality, with a wonderful and fierce exhibition match finally bringing an end to the day. The Technical Department was a cut above the rest, winning the championship for the second time in a row, while teams representing the Quality Inspection Department and the Procurement Department earned the second and third place respectively.

This badminton team competition truly reflected the strength of team cooperation and the participants’ determination and perseverance in striving for excellence. This is a perfect showcase of the good spirit of "CSE Employees" and team culture that are deeply embedded in CSE’s corporate culture.


Group Photo


Group Photo of Leaders and Winners of Technical Department


Group Photo of Leaders and the United Owner's Representatives of Operation department

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