Project Management

CSE has extensive experience in project management for international projects, and is familiar with international project specifications and requirements. More than 50 international projects have been completed and delivered all over the world, namely in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, and other countries in the regions.

CSE standardized project management system ensures the safety and quality of the project and on-time delivery. There has been no delay in the delivery of more than 100 domestic and foreign projects completed in the past.


  • Construction Engineering

    CSE is familiar with the industry and international energy company standards and specifications, and has extensive experience in project practice;

    CSE has its own software for construction engineering, which is the industry leader in construction engineering in terms of efficiency. It has its own intellectual property rights in the method of jacket construction.

  • Welding

    The Company has a wide coverage of welding procedure qualification resources and has accumulated welding experience of various materials, and is familiar with industrial welding standards;

    CSE has its own welding school and fit-for-purpose training system to train professional and technical talents in the welding front line.

  • Construction Control

    Detailed procedures are in place from material procurement to material usage ensuring good records and traceability, efficient and orderly use of materials.

    Experienced engineers provide all-around on-site construction monitoring of production are in line with engineering requirements ensuring on-site problems can be found and solved in time.

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