Playing together for a smart future

On December 10, the 14th Staff Badminton Team Competition was held as scheduled in the Badminton Hall of Meinan River Sport Town. Shen Qimeng, Chairman of the Company, Li Wenkun, General Manager of the Company, and other members in the leadership and representatives of the project owners attended the opening ceremony and had the first match.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Shen delivered a warm speech. He hoped that everyone would show the sportsmanship of being aggressive and striving for the best in the competition, and encouraged all to work hard and march forward courageously in the future work and life.

During the one-day competition, players from various departments of the Company not only fought hard on the court, but also cooperated with each other in the competition, showing a strong sense of teamwork and collective spirit, and fully carrying forward the competition spirit of "it's not winning that matters, but friendship". In the final, the team of the Operation Department defeated the team of the Quality Inspection Department by 3:2, and won the championship trophy for the first time. The teams of the Quality Inspection Department and the Technology Department won the runner-up and third place respectively. In addition, the badminton match of "Shenghai Cup" with the team of project owners was added for the first time. Finally, the Company won the first championship of "Shenghai Cup" by 3:2 against the team of project owners.

The badminton event not only fully showcased the spiritual outlook of "CSE people", but also facilitated the construction of the Company's corporate culture. We also look forward to playing together to build a smart future in our work and life in 2023!


First match between Mr. Shen and Mr. Li


Teams of various departments are all geared up


Mr. Shen presents awards to the team of the Operation Department


Playing together for a smart future

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