SOS Personnel First Aid Training for Protecting Production

Currently, due to the heavy production tasks of our projects under construction, the operating environment of employees in a restricted site or space has become more complex, and the unpredictable safety hazards have sharply increased as well. In view of this, a periodical retraining for the certified SOS personnel was conducted on the afternoon of March 28. Organized by the security department, this training includes basic CPR, four basic techniques of pre-hospital emergency treatment, conventional on-site first aid techniques and so on. At the same time, the related personnel practiced the use of first aid equipment so as to enhance their proficiency.


In the first aid training, the most significant thing is to encourage employees to be active participants. In doing so, they can learn more about health, improve their capacity in response to emergencies, and effectively reduce secondary injuries by taking correct first aid measures. In the future, our company will conduct regular first aid training to ensure constant updating of knowledge and continuous improvement of practical operation ability of our employees. So eventually, they can handle accidents with correct measures in a calm, quick and effective manner, ensuring the safety of our employees and production.



Author: Chen Shiqing

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