Wang Zhen, Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of CNOOC Energy Economics Research Institute, Visits CSE

   On the afternoon of March 28, Wang Zhen, Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of CNOOC Energy Economics Research Institute, and other comrades conducted a field research to CSE with a focus on our marketing and projects under construction. The relevant personnel involved in this research includes Gao Shuang, Deputy General Manager of Deep Water Engineering and Construction Center of Shenzhen Branch, and Ge Zhihai, Executive Deputy General Manager of the company.


   The reporter learned from CNOOC Shenzhen Branch that "Fat Dundun" is expected to "navigate" on the sea for 28 hours, and it will be launched and installed on March 20. It is the first jacket to be launched and installed in the eastern part of the South China Sea in 2023. The oil field in the eastern South China Sea where it is about to "start" is the main battlefield for my country's offshore oil industry to move towards deep water. In 2022, the annual oil and gas production will exceed 20 million tons for the first time.the largest and the most professional jacket manufacturers in China.


   Gao Shuang said that CSE has been engaged in marine engineering and construction for many years and has established a stable management team, which significantly ensures the production and safety of projects. He, in particular, praised highly that the first time yield of their products has been stable above 99% over the years. At the same time, he said that both sides have worked together sincerely in projects with four jacket projects efficiently completed in Enping. In the future, he hoped that the company could move forward under the pressure and complete the follow-up projects under construction in a remarkable way.

   Wang Zhen recognized the company's ability to build jackets for ocean engineering, and introduced the background of the establishment of Energy Economics Research Institute, its development history, research directions and fields, etc. He also believed that in the complex and volatile external environment, reform issues that hinder industry development can only be addressed through constant in-depth research into the actual situation of the whole industry chain upstream and downstream. Finally, he hoped that CSE would build on the progress they had made and continue to help CNOOC increase its reserves and production.


   Ge Zhihai, the executive deputy general manager of Chiwan Sembawang, told reporters that the overall width of "Fat Dundun" is 98 meters, the maximum slope of the roof installation is 32 degrees, and the maximum hoisting capacity is 570 tons. The jacket with the largest size requires the construction team to have more precise means of size control and sufficient experience in large-scale hoisting.

Author: Zeng Weiyi

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