Main Structure of Lufeng 8-1 DPP Jacket Joined Up

Main Structure of Lufeng 8-1 DPP Jacket Joined Up


On April 29, at the construction site of CSE, a group of owners and third parties, including Industrial Construction Center of CNOOC Shenzhen, the Offshore Project Team and China Classification Society, witnessed the join-up of the main structure of Lufeng 8-1 DPP Jacket, Phase II Development Project of Lufeng Oilfields, which marked a milestone in jacket construction of this project.

Lufeng 8-1 DPP is an 8-leg 12-skirt pile jacket with a design height of 146 meters and a total weight of about 13,300 tons. It is the 14th 10,000-ton jacket built by the company by the means of horizontal construction and towed loading. At the beginning of April this year, the owner requested to leave the port more than 40 days in advance according to the adjustment of the vessel resources for offshore installation. In response to these changes and challenges, the project team of the company has achieved the construction goal of joining up the main structure of Lufeng 8-1 DPP jacket ahead of schedule by setting the project schedule in a reversed order, continuously optimizing and adjusting the construction scheme, gradually increasing manpower and equipment input, and holding regular meetings. At present, the jacket construction has come to an end, and CSE Lufeng 8-1 Project Team is confident to achieve the final goal of jacket shipment in June this year.


Author: Xu Guanghui








Lufeng 8-1 DPP jacket is joined up

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