Field investigation at the project sites of COSCO

On January 5th, Liu Huaxiang, General Manager of the Engineering Construction Center of CNOOC Shenzhen, and his party, accompanied by Guan Xiaohu, Manager of the Operation Department of the Company, visited the external fields of the Company, mainly to understand the production, quality control and safety of three projects under construction, including the Suction Anchor for Nan Hai Fen Jin and Enping 20-4/18-6 Jacket Steel Pile. Liu Xiangwen, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. ("COSCO Shipping"), and members of the Company's project team in COSCO Shipping participated in the investigation.


General Manager Liu Huaxiang and his party visit the site and workshop for field investigation

At the symposium, the project team introduced the progress of three CNOOC projects under construction in detail, and reported the preparations before the construction of steel piles of Lufeng 8-1 Project. Liu Huaxiang highly appreciated the advantages of the joint construction mode of CSE and COSCO Shipping in marine engineering products, and expressed his gratitude for the successful delivery of three sets of steel piles, one set of underwater PLET and one set of FPSO hull AP module in Enping in 2022. He believed that the cooperation mode between the two sides would help CNOOC to achieve the overall goal of increasing oil and gas reserves by 2025. He hoped that CSE would continue to cooperate with COSCO to overcome the impacts of the personnel flow during the Spring Festival and COVID-19 on the premise of ensuring the work safety and high quality of the projects, to speed up the construction of the Suction Anchor Project for Nan Hai Fen Jin, making it one of the first projects to be delivered after the festival.


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