First aid training for everyone

In order to enable employees to improve their self-rescue and first aid skill ability in their working and daily life, the HSE Department of the Company organized a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. Mr. Li Wenkun, General Manager of the Company, Mr. Ge Zhihai, Deputy General Manager and Chairman of the Trade Union, members of the running group and related employees had attended the training.



During this training, the trainer not only explained the theoretical knowledge and operation points of cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills in detail, but also provided on-site demonstrations with a half body CPR training manikin, and highlighted that the skills, posture, intensity and time should be in full compliance with the standards, and the trainees had to go through practical exercises.


Given numerous project production tasks this year, the leaders of the Company have give special attention to production safety management, and the physical and mental health of employees. It is hoped that after the CPR training, the emergency response ability of the employees can be improved, so as to save precious time for further rescue and life-saving efforts.

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