CSE dock piling project in South China Sea delivered ahead of schedule

CSE dock piling project in South China Sea delivered ahead of schedule


The CSE dock piling project in South China Sea weighed about 110 tons. The construction started on April 26. After 25 days and nights of hard work, the land construction was completed on May 20, which once again realized the owner's requirement for early completion.


The scale of the project was small, but the construction was complicated. In order to ensure the early completion of the project, CSE has overcome many difficulties and challenges. First, at the beginning of the project, we actively cooperated with the owner to prepare materials and handled a number of material transfer applications; Second, during the construction of the project, the conventional pipe winding process could not be adopted for the bell mouth section with a length of more than 8 meters. We pressed the section piece by piece with abrasive tools and spliced them one by one; Third, the welding workload was heavy with high requirements. The inside of the pile body includes transverse ring plate, vertical rib plate and exhaust orifice plate, most of which need to be connected by penetrated welds; Fourth, during the loading process, "Haiyang Shiyou 229" barge entered the port to prepare for loading. CSE successfully completed the hoisting and loading work with the help of the auxiliary floating crane of the barge.


CSE has fulfilled the owner's trust and once again completed the delivery ahead of schedule with good quality and quantity, showing the excellent professional skills and strong fighting effectiveness of our team. At the same time, CSE will continue to contribute to the energy development in South China Sea.



Author: Xiao Jun






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