Sailing again to the sea

Sailing again to the sea

---Enping 18-6 jacket completed and shipped


At noon on May 15, "Haiyang Shiyou 229" barge loaded with Enping 18-6 jacket sailed out from CSE port, which marked the successful completion and delivery of the land machinery construction of the fifth jacket for Enping oilfield group in South China Sea undertaken by CSE.


During the construction of the main structure of the jacket, we met great challenges. First, due to the tight deadlines of projects under construction in the same period, the on-site construction resources were extremely limited. Second, affected by the withdrawal of COVID-19 control measures in China, a large number of CSE employees were infected, which led to forced leave and shortage of human resources. The whole company and the project team faced up to the challenges. First, we continuously improved the integrated construction management of the main structure and accessories. Second, we organized regular meetings to work together to solve problems in time. During this period, we overcame many unfavorable factors, such as inadequate materials, withdrawal of COVID-19 control measures and personnel turnover during the Spring Festival, and finally completed the jacket in only 42 days. We once again created a new record of the shortest completion period for 10,000-ton jacket accessories in CSE.

Enping 18-6 jacket is the 113th oil and gas jacket successfully delivered by CSE for customers. It is a flagship product of CSE. Next, CSE will, as always, adopt the most stringent quality standards to create more high-quality projects to let it shine in the sea.


Author: Hu Kaixuan


Enping 18-6 towed in place



Enping 18-6 in towing

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