First Rope Skipping Competition of the Yard Department


On a blazing hot summer day, the First Rope Skipping Competition of the Yard Department was held at the gate of the Company yard as scheduled. The competition includes group competition, women's individual competition and men's individual competition, in which the teams participating in the group competition are: construction team, pipe fabrication team, rigging team and on-yard workshop team. The men's individual competition consists of the yard employee competition and overseer competition.

Before the group competition, which is the main event, the participating teams took the initiative and geared themselves up under the scorching sunlight for the competition during the lunch breaks. All the team members persisted in the game regardless of the soreness that the high-intensity training brought to them, showing a strong sense of collective honor. After two days of intense competition, the rigging team, the pipe fabrication team and the construction team won the first, second and third respectively in the group competition. In the women's individual competition, Qi Xiaofen of the construction team, Jing Yanting and Fu Xiaomei of the technical group won the first, second and third respectively. In the men's yard staff group competition, Wang Hongbin of the pipe fabrication team, Zheng Xianzhang of the construction team, and Fu Xianghuang of the technical group won the first, second, and third place respectively. It is worth mentioning that the overseer team was added to the competition. Mr. Ge, the chief assistant, and three deputy managers of the Yard Department took the lead and joined the game, which culminated the whole event. Finally, Mr. Ge won first place, while deputy managers Cheng Fuqing and Li Xinyong won second and third place respectively.

All the participants worked very hard over this rope-skipping competition while also encouraging, helping, and sharing the joy of winning with each other. May we all extend the absolute sincerity and dedication to our office or field routine so as to facilitate team building, improve the execution, cohesion and strength of the team and finally enhance the overall competitiveness of the Company.

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