Summer Supplies from Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions for CSE

Despite the scorching summer heat in Shenzhen, workers in CSE are extremely busy and motivated. Under the hot environment in the workshop, welding sparks are everywhere. With workers bustling around and equipment continues running.


Is there anything else besides the heat for this summer? Yes! Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions sends heatstroke prevention supplies for workers in CSE. On September 19, Ge Zhihai, chairman of the company's trade union, distributed the heatstroke prevention supplies, including insect repellent, herbal tea, and towels to the on-site production departments. It was pretty heart-warming for employees working on site.


With gifts in hand and warmth in their hearts, this activity is truly so heartwarming for the employees, and fully fulfill the role of the trade union organization in serving employees. Chairman Ge Zhihai reminds employees to pay attention to safety protection, heatstroke prevention and cooling at work, improve personal self-protection awareness, and ensuring a safe summer for all employees.


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