South China Sea opens up a new chapter

South China Sea opens up a new chapter

---J384 Lufeng 8-1 project completed ahead of schedule


On the morning of June 11, "Haiyang Shiyou 229" barge loaded with Lufeng 8-1DPP jacket sailed out from CSE port, marking the completion and delivery of the land machinery construction of the project. The project once again set a new record for the construction of CSE's 10,000-ton jacket projects. The production goal was completed 37 days ahead of schedule, and the loading and fastening was completed in only 4 days in the final towing and loading stage. CSE has been forging ahead under pressure for so many times to meet the expectations of owners with practical actions.



When the going gets tough, the tough get going

During the production and operation of the project, CSE received an urgent letter from the owner in early April, 2023. Due to the adjustment of ship resources for offshore installation, the owner wanted to advance the delivery of the project to early June. Compared with the original delivery at the end of July, the construction period needed to be shortened by nearly 40 days. With only two months left, CSE was faced with great challenges. First, the production progress was less than 70% and 11 large sections of the main structure were not installed. Second, the purchased materials such as pile drivers, packers and stand pipes were not available. Third, workers had to withstand the high temperatures in summer. Under many unfavorable factors, CSE quickly reached a consensus, adjusted the production plan and set the goal. The project team spared no efforts to catch up with the work in the heat, and finally delivered it successfully on schedule, once again demonstrating CSE's excellent professional skills and strong fighting effectiveness.




Stay true to the original aspiration

On June 10, CSE and the owner held a streamlined completion ceremony at CSE port. Ge Zhihai, Executive Deputy General Manager of CSE, made a speech on behalf of the company. He said that CSE always practices the management principle of customer first and actively provides the best solution for owners. During the operation of the project, CSE overcame the impact of recurrent COVID-19 in Shenzhen, the shortage of human resources during the Spring Festival, the long equipment procurement cycle and many other difficulties, and completed the production task urgently assigned by the owner with high quality, safety and efficiency, which fully proved that the team of CSE is capable of resolving any problems.

Gao Shuang, Deputy General Manager of the Engineering Construction Center of CNOOC Shenzhen, highly recognized CSE's professional ability in jacket construction. He also hoped that CSE would continue to work hard and be dedicated to the follow-up construction, complete the project production timely with good quality, assist CNOOC in high-quality development, and make contributions to ensuring national energy security.


Authors: Zeng Weiyi and Xu Guanghui

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