Fire emergency evacuation drill in Chiwan Building

On the afternoon of December 8, the siren filled the air of Chiwan Building, marking the official beginning of the annual fire emergency evacuation drill. The drill was jointly organized and planned by the Administration Department and the Security Department. It was carried out with no notice in advance to check the awareness of all departments and employees on fire emergency evacuation.

The drill was conducted smoothly and orderly, involving more than 200 employees in all departments of the building. It took only 3 minutes and 32 seconds from the beginning of the siren to the evacuation of all personnel, a sharp time reduction from last year. Among all departments, the Business Marketing Department, Enterprise Management Department, Human Resources Department and the owners acted most quickly and were most efficient in the evacuation.

As the head of safety of the Company, Mr. Li made a concluding speech. He asked all departments to attach great importance to work safety and office environment safety, and emphasized the need to firmly establish the prevention-oriented concept, boost safety awareness, strengthen self-protection, and always respect and keep safety awareness in mind!



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