Enping Jacket 15-1 delivered as per scheduled

On June 20th, the Offshore Oil Barge 228 slowly sailed out of the Port of Chiwan, marking the successful completion and delivery of the construction for Jacket 15-1 of J368 Enping Project by CSE.

Active practice of low-carbon concept

Enping 15-1 Oilfield Project, located in the Enping Oilfield area east of the South China Sea, is the first offshore carbon dioxide sequestration demonstration project in China, and the jacket for the project undertaken by CSE will be located there upon completion. As a demonstration project participant, CSE is honored to have participated in the national green and low-carbon strategy.

Challenges faced all the way

Looking back at the challenges during the construction of Enping Jacket 15-1, we indeed overcame numerous obstacles, one of which is that the construction period for this jacket is only two-thirds of that for other jackets with the same tonnage. Since the construction started in July last year, the production schedule has fallen behind, impeded by our key projects in progress and the limited construction space. Worse still, we welcomed the Spring Festival when the project production peak, leading to a shortage in the labor force. Meanwhile, we witnessed a sudden outbreak of the COVID epidemic, bringing along more challenges, including the shortage and delay of our long-lead procurement of materials.

Bear missions in mind to address adversities

Faced with all the difficulties, we kept fulfilling our missions head-on. The leadership team adjusted the production plan in time, developed a plan for accelerating the production, and made reasonable arrangements in each production link. At the beginning of the epidemic outbreak, they successfully organized nearly 1,000 employees to temporarily reside in the plant for closed-off operation and management, owing to their study and judgment beforehand. In the worst epidemic situation, all the staff in the company come together to overcome the difficulties, which laid a foundation for the on-schedule delivery.

Forge ahead and strive for excellence

Jacket construction has always been the company's predominant products, and Enping Jacket 15-1 is one of them. In the following construction of Enping Jackets 20-4 and 20-5, the company will implement the mode of integrated construction and strive for higher construction efficiency, so as to create better quality products.


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