Better Working Environment and Conditions for Physical and Mental Health of Workers

Better Working Environment and Conditions for Physical and Mental Health of Workers


The week from April 25 to May 1 marks the 21st Publicity Week for the Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, with the theme of "better working environment and conditions for physical and mental health of workers". The company actively responded to the call and carried out publicity activities, aiming at popularizing the knowledge of occupational disease prevention and control, improving the self-protection awareness and ability of employees exposed to occupational hazards, and further fulfilling the responsibilities of the company in occupational health management.

The key to occupational disease management lies in prevention. The company has taken the following measures for the prevention and management of occupational diseases and the improvement of the working environment and conditions with occupational hazards:

1. Attach great importance to the management on workplaces with occupational hazards, that is, conduct on-site inspection on such workplaces regularly.

2. Post warning signs and instructions on sites, equipment and materials with occupational hazards, so as to enhance the awareness of operators to occupational hazards.

3. Provide various ventilation and dust removal facilities, such as axial flow fans, exhaust fans, roof fans, dust collectors, to reduce the concentration of dust and chemical poisons.

4. Improve the standards of labor protection supplies distributed, such as upgrading the noise reduction coefficient of earplugs from 31 to 34, and replacing dust and gas masks with KN95 ones.

5. Strengthen the publicity and training of occupational disease knowledge.


Author: Chen Shiqing



Conduct publicity on a pre-shift meeting for operators



Carry out occupational health training and publicize the laws on occupational disease prevention and control

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