Enhancing Quality Awareness, Promoting High Quality Development

September of this year is the 46th "Quality Month" in China. In order to fully implement the theme activity of " Enhancing Quality Awareness, Promoting High Quality Development", CSE held a launching ceremony for the "Quality Month" activity on the morning of September 12th in the site structure workshop. This kickoff meeting was presided over by Jia Huimin, the manager of the quality inspection department. Representatives of the owners of CSE's ongoing projects, Ge Zhihai, the executive vice general manager, Jiang Jun, the Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer, and relevant department heads attended the kickoff meeting.


At the meeting, Lu Huaxing, Senior Manager of the Production and Operations Center, announced the implementation requirements for the 2023 "Quality Month" activity. Representatives of owners of various ongoing projects have also delivered speeches, affirming CSE's quality control and product quality over the past few years. At the same time, new requirements have been put forward: firstly, establish a sense of quality among all employees in quality management, and fully implement the main responsibility for quality and safety; Secondly, promote comprehensive quality management and strengthen quality training; Thirdly, strengthen quality supervision and implement the "blacklist" management system well; The fourth is to take practical actions, provide quality incentives, and guide employees from not daring to violate rules, not being able to violate rules, to not wanting to violate rules.



Concluding Speech by Executive Vice General Manager Ge Zhihai

Mr. Ge shared his understanding of quality management and pointed out the problems that exist in CSE's quality management, and put forward three requirements: first, to require employees to improve their quality awareness, promote the spirit of craftsmanship, and pursue the goal of zero defects and no rework. Secondly, it is required that all employees attach great importance to quality management in their thinking, with active participation from managers across all departments and levels; The third is to promote informatization, build an integrated digital system for production, and fundamentally improve the level of quality management.


Participants Sign The Theme Banner

Author: Wang Xianfei

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