On-site Inspection by CSE Leaders for Outsourced Project

On April 24, the delegation led by Li Wenkun, General Manager of the Company, and Deputy General Manager Ge Zhihai went to the outsourcing site for inspection, provide guidance, and give greetings to the staff based on the site.


 Mr. Li and Mr. Ge went to the production site for inspection immediately after arriving. Having been informed of the project's progress, they understood production safety, staffing, administrative logistics, and other information in the production process.


 In response to difficulties such as tight schedules, heavy tasks, and labor shortages, CSE company leaders required the project team to constantly adhere to the principle of "safety first" and summarize experiences and lessons with more observations to improve project management further. Meanwhile, the staff were required to gather strength, tackle difficulties, and keep working hard to complete the production tasks with quality, and on time delivery.








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