Newsletter on the kick-off meeting of CSE work safety month

Newsletter on the kick-off meeting of CSE work safety month


This June marks the 22nd work safety month in China. In order to create an activity atmosphere of "everyone manages, seeks, and checks safety", CSE held a kick-off meeting of work safety month in the workshop on June 1. Owners of projects under construction, project teams of the Operation Department, employees of front-line production departments and subcontractors attended the meeting.

At the kick-off meeting, the Security Department publicized the spirit of the speech by Ge Zhihai, Executive Deputy General Manager of CSE, delivered at the monthly safety meeting. Mr. Ge said that it is necessary to take advantage of the opportunity to highlight the activity theme of "everyone pays attention to safety and all are able to respond to emergencies", so as to improve employees' awareness of work safety and put it into action, and train employees to develop good work safety behaviors, thus realizing "intrinsic safety". At the same time, owner representatives of projects under construction made mobilization speeches respectively. They hope that CSE will enhance employees' safety awareness and improve the safety management ability through this activity, thus preventing and resolving project safety risks in time, eliminating potential safety hazards, and escorting the smooth production of the project.


Participants signed the theme banner together, and solemnly wrote down their commitment to work safety.



Security Department: Chen Shiqing




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