Continuously Attracting Merchants, Inheriting Shekou Gene

The autumn breeze is refreshing and the autumn scenery is pleasant. The fourth "Dream Chasing Cup" Employee Mini Marathon of China Nanshan Group officially kicked off on the afternoon of October 19th at the Maritime World Art Center Square. More than 500 athletes from 21 companies under the group participated in this event.


Athletes Are Ready to Take Action

The participating athletes of CSE fought bravely in the competition, constantly breaking through with firm steps, achieving speed and style, achieving excellent results in the men's group: second, third, fourth, fifth, eighth, and ninth, and the women's group: first, third, and fourth.


CSE award-winning athletes

By participating in the micro horse competition held by the group, not onlyshowcase the spirit of unity, cooperation, and enterprising spirit of CSE people, but also ignited more employees' passion for sports. We look forward to the contestants achieving even better results in the group's micro horse competition next year.


All CSE Participating Athletes

Author: Deng Yanfen

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