Enping project 10-2 land construction completed and sailed

April 6, 2022, the barge "Debo 2" carrying the Enping 10-2 jacket and steel piles set sail from Port of Chiwan, meaning the land construction of the first jacket EP10-2 of the EPC Project for Enping Oil Field Cluster was successfully completed.

The EP10-2 Jacket and Steel Pile Project commenced land construction in August last year. However, in the initial stage of the project, we were impeded by a limited construction space and a shortage of material resources. At the beginning of 2022, as COVID began to ravage the world again, the last batch of imported materials for water injection systems and installation and commissioning of the power station were at the risk of being delayed. To ensure the project's progress and guarantee on-time delivery, we overcame all sorts of difficulties in production under closed-off management for more than one month. We also urged suppliers to deliver goods on time and asked suppliers in advance to dispatch technicians to be stationed in our factory, where they can offer guidance. The above measures, together with all employees' concerted efforts, have helped us successfully deliver the project on schedule.

The beautiful April days have been bearing witness to the achievements of our employees working in the Port of Chiwan. We will summarize our experiences in constructing the EP10-2 jacket promptly, providing a reliable reference for the subsequent construction of the three jackets of the project.


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