CSE Held the 2022 Annual Work Meeting

On January 12th, 2022, CSE held the 2022 Annual Working Meeting in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, summarizing the works in 2021 and making plans for key work activities in 2022. New Deputy General Manager of Nanshan Holdings Mr. Lu Zhongbao, CFO Mr. Shen Qimeng, and General Manager of the company Mr. Li Wenkun, together with leading team members, leaders of various departments and key personnel had attended the meeting.

Mr. Li Wenkun, general manager of CSE, delivered the following theme for the work report, “Focus on new project award and current project implementation for steady profit growth; focus on adjusting the business structure and promoting diversified business development". The report pointed out that under the proper leadership of the shareholders and the board of directors, CSE has fully completed the business targets set by the board of directors for 2021. CSE also play an important role in the construction of the first 300-meter deepwater jacket, the first in Asia, and undertaking such a large project (12,000 tons) within a short period (eight months) fully demonstrate CSE's reputation, capability and team work. CSE's productions workloads remain challenging in 2022. It is the company’s expectation that that all employees will work diligently, keep their original aspiration on the road ahead and continue to deliver better business results.

Mr. Lu Zhongbao, Deputy General Manager of Nanshan Holdings praised the company for maintaining safety while production are under the busy schedule in the second half of 2021, while achieving business performance above expectations. It is hoped that all employees of CSE will change their old mindset and continue to demonstrate CSE reputation in this special construction industry of offshore facilities.

Mr. Shen Qimeng, Chief Financial Officer of Nanshan Holdings, fully acknowledged the various achievements of CSE in 2021. He pointed out the direction for the future construction industry from the five aspects of "people orientation, digitalization, customer orientation, enterprise safety and continuous innovation". All employees are encouraged to achieve greater success in 2022 under the leadership of the CSE's senior management.


Li Wenkun-Sembawang General Manager Reported at the Meeting


Guo Qing-Sembawang Standing Deputy General Manager Presided over the Meeting


Jiang Jun-Sembawang Deputy General Manager & Chief Engineer Presented A Group Summary Speech


Ge Zhihai-Sembawang Deputy General Manager Presented A Group Summary Speech


Li Wenkun-Sembawang General Manager Presented A Work Summary


Lu Zhongbao-Nanshan Holdings Deputy General Manager Issued Work Instructions


Shen Qimeng-Nanshan Holdings CFO Issued Work Instructions


Group Photo of All the Participants

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