The Company was Awarded the Honorary Plaque by the Owner of J288


In the successfully completed J288 project, all employees of the Company worked together, carried forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and completed the project tasks with high quality, safety and efficiency, which was fully recognized and praised by the Owner. For this reason, the project manager of the J288 Project of the Zhanjiang Branch, Zou Daobiao, and the technical head, Wang Wenlong, awarded us an honorary plaque during a special visit, which was attended by Mr. Li and chief assistant Mr. Ge. During the brief award ceremony, Zou Daobiao, the project manager of CNOOC, spoke highly of the successful completion and smooth barge loading of the J288 project. On behalf of the Company, Mr. Li accepted the honorary plaque awarded to him and thanked the owner for their trust in CSE. Mr. Li said that it was the owner's decision to award the project to CSE and the continued strong support provided to CSE during the production of the project that made CSE successful. May both sides continue the jointed efforts and achieve greater progress.

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