2015 Annual Work Conference


The Company's 2015 annual work conference was held in the conference hall of Evergreen Resort as scheduled. The conference was facilitated by deputy general manager Mr. Ding. And more than 60 attendees, including Mr. Li, chief engineer Mr. Jiang, chief assistant Mr. Ge and adviser Mr. Zhang, as well as managers, deputy managers, assistant managers and staff representatives of each department were presented.

Mr. Li made an annual reporting presentation at the conference, reviewing the work of the last year from the aspects of revenue, profit, market development, production, safety, quality, equipment and facilities, internal management and corporate culture construction. He also summarized the achievements and shortcomings of the past year. During the conference, Mr. Li gave a speech that prioritized the annual work objective of 2015 as well as the plans for major work items, namely - strengthening safety and quality management, redoubling market development efforts, implementing better project cost control, improving project profitability, strengthening corporate culture construction and talent training, improving management level and enhancing the core competitiveness of the Company.

After Mr. Li's speech, the department managers shared the targeted approach in their perspective annual reports and the competent leaders overseeing each individual department shared their comments and expectations afterward. Encouraged by the conference facilitator Mr. Ding and other company management members, some staff representatives took the floor and shared their insights into the development and future of the Company.

The management culminated the annual conference with the following expectations and requests:

1. The Company shall put efforts to broaden the source of income and economize on expenditure, win more construction bids and maintain better cost control so as to lay a solid foundation for the development of the Company.

2. All departments shall prioritize the building of the organization and corporate culture to create an atmosphere that is more comfortable, harmonious, conducive to communication and cooperation, and cohesion increasing.

3. All departments shall act faithfully in accordance with the leaders' comments as well as the ideas mentioned in work reports.

4. All employees shall keep the concerns of the Company in their own mind and put more effort in providing ideas. Questions like how to improve our management level, how to improve our competency, and how to maintain the competitiveness of the Company demand answers from each one of us.

5. All the attendees shall truthfully relay the messages and guiding spirit of the conference to help all staff members gain a better understanding.

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