J262 Zawtika Project Completed in a Success


On January 22, 2013, the completion ceremony of the J262 Project was held at the forward base berth of the #4 slipway at the Sembawang Yard, marking the successful completion of the J262 ZAWTIKA Jacket, Piles and Trestle Construction Project. Phongsthorn Thavisin, Executive Vice President of PTTEP, Ho Nee Sin, Managing Director of SMOE, Mr. Li Wenkun, General Manager of CSE and representatives of the third-party companies attended the completion ceremony.


Mr. Li firstly thanked PTTEP and SMOE for their trust and support to CSE, and also acknowledged the efforts of all the staff of the J262 Project. PTTEP Executive Vice President Phongsthorn and Mr. He from SMOE spoke highly of CSE and expressed their sincere thanks for the hard work that CSE put in for this project. Mr. He pointed out that the successful completion of the project could not be achieved without the efforts of the CSE staff. 2012 was the Year of the Dragon, which symbolizes the vigorous spirit of a dragon-horse that sustained the CSE staff forging ahead, and the upcoming year of the snake will be like an auspicious snake covered with golden scale, bringing blessings and good fortune to CSE. On behalf of PTTEP, Phongsthorn once again thanked CSE for its support to PTTEP and congratulated the successful completion of the project. He also emphasized that the J262 Project is a new record for CSE who just proved itself a capable company that can make things happen.

After Mr. Phongsthorn's speech, the event culminated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with leaders and representatives from all parties. Finally, the leaders of PTTEP, SOME and CSE took a group photo and announced the successful completion of the ceremony, while also emphasizing that the three parties will further deepen the friendly partnership in the future.

On January 26, 2013, J262 ZAWTIKA jacket was successfully towed for shipping, marking the successful conclusion of the J262 Project. Once again, CSE earned a reputation from the owner. The industrious and brave people of CSE will continue to work miracles and break new grounds.

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