2018 Annual Work Conference Successfully Held

The 2018 Annual Work Conference was grandly held on February 2, 2018. During this period, the Company's leaders and heads of departments conscientiously summarized the work in 2017 and made arrangements and prospects for the work in 2018.

2Though the market was in a slump in 2017, the production workload of our company hit a record high, which made it the most demanding year for us in the past half-decade. In terms of project operations, we encountered great challenges and higher needs on our system operation efficiency and management tools. As a result we accumulated important experience in the aspects of production management, safety & quality management, and cost control. At the same time our team was better trained and solid foundation was laid in place for the upcoming 2018.

Improving the production capacity and operational efficiency to better tackle the problems remains a top priority for us in 2018.

1. Improve the operational efficiency of the production system, and successfully complete the production tasks while keeping things under control.

2. Step up regulation on project cost control, improve internal control capability and complete the operation goals in 2018.

3. Seize new opportunities and expand business in new fields.

4. Heighten the sense of responsibility and enhance the competitiveness of the team.

Looking ahead to the year of 2018, let everyone of us focus on improving our abilities and seizing the opportunities, together working hard to accomplish new development for the Company!

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