2017 Annual Work Conference Successfully Held

The 2017 Annual Work Conference of the Company was held in Qingqing World Conference Hotel on February 17, 2017. The company's leaders, main heads of various departments and employee representatives attended the conference.

This conference witnessed more highlights than that of the previous years. The reporting was performed in a more concise and efficient manner, with more practical and focused information shared. During the reporting, issues were directly addressed with specific improvement requirements proposed. Incentives were mentioned several times in the general manager's report, and it was clearly stated that the Company will offer handsome rewards to those who make significant contributions to the Company in income increasing and expenditure reduction efforts. In this conference, a request was made to learn from the book 22 Army Regulations of West Point. As a result, quotes from the book, such as "honor above all", "never shirk responsibility", "unconditional implementation", "stop talking and take immediate action", "no excuses", "teamwork", "never settle", and "details determine success or failure" became the keywords of this year, which makes this conference different from the past. Several inspiring and motivational keynote speeches were also added to the agenda to provide employees with more sharing opportunities.

2017 is a tough year for us because of the heavy workload and tight schedule mentioned in the general manager's report. It becomes quite challenging even to maintain a break-even. Facing the pressure requires us not only the selfless dedication and the responsibility-taking mindset but also the courage to sustain us to forge ahead. 2017 is a turning point as well as an opportunity for CSE. We should stick to our original plan, shoulder the responsibilities, accomplish the annual production goal and make new and greater contributions to the sustainable development of the Company by facing up to problems and overcoming difficulties with a lifted spirit and a coordinated manner.  

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